What is crowdtesting?

May 12, 2023
In an ever-growing IT world, crowtesting can shorten the time it takes to access user feedback and perform a mass analysis before a digital product is released.

Crowdtesting, Definition

Crowdtesting involves testing websites, applications, and digital products through a group of people called testers. These tests are usually conducted online and can be carried out by testers with various levels of qualifications, including professionals and amateurs. The purpose of crowdtesting is to gather feedback and experience from many testers that reflects their target customer base. The goal is to ensure they are user-friendly, reliable, and meet users' expectations (on various hardware such as PC, MAC, smartphones, and many Operating Systems).

Crowdtesting offers many advantages to businesses. Firstly, this approach allows a product to be tested by a large and diverse group of people (a large "pool of testers"), which is particularly useful for companies wanting to ensure their product is suitable for a broad audience. Additionally, crowdtesting allows testing to be done quickly and at a lower cost, as testers are paid per task rather than per hour.

Crowdtesting and SaaS

A Software as a Service (SaaS) crowdtesting platform is an online platform that allows businesses to create and manage crowdtesting campaigns quickly and efficiently. These platforms are typically hosted on the cloud and accessible through a web browser, making them accessible from any device with an internet connection.

SaaS crowdtesting platforms typically offer a range of features to help businesses set up and manage their crowdtesting campaigns effectively. These may include the ability to:

  • Create testing campaigns and define criteria for selecting testers.
  • Select testers based on their level of qualifications.
  • Select testers that match target demographics.
  • Manage tasks and results of testers centrally.
  • Track the progress of tests in real time.
  • Analyze test results and generate detailed reports.

Using the test reports generated by testers, relevant teams (such as development, QA, marketing, and e-commerce) can take the necessary measures to improve their solution based on user feedback.Crowdtesting for businesses

SaaS crowdtesting platforms are handy for businesses that want to set up regular testing campaigns. They allow them to manage their testing process efficiently and have all the tools necessary to analyze test results. They are also particularly suitable for businesses looking to use crowdtesting as a powerful complement to their internal testing.

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