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About Actiyon

ACTIYON is a French start-up that develops a crowdsourced testing marketplace platform for start-ups, companies and organizations. Our goal is to connect qualified testers with businesses to improve quality, performance, and usability of various applications and websites.
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Actiyon: french startup specialized in crowdtesting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is testing essential, and what is the purpose of testing in software development?

Testing is an essential part of the software development process. It helps identify and correct bugs or usability issues before the software is released to the public. This helps to ensure that the software is of high quality and functions as intended, providing a better user experience. Testing also aims to identify any potential security vulnerabilities and performance issues.

Why is testing with a SaaS platform better and cheaper than traditional testing methods?

Testing with a SaaS platform, like ACTIYON, offers several advantages over traditional testing methods. One of the main benefits is cost-effectiveness. SaaS testing platforms provide on-demand access to a large, diverse group of testers at a fraction of the cost of traditional testing methods. As a result, companies can get their software tested more thoroughly and at a lower price.

Why outsourcing my company's testing an advantage?
  1. Cost-efficiency: Outsourcing testing to a specialized company like ACTIYON relieves your development teams from time-consuming testing tasks and provides your QA testers with a platform rich in testers matching your target audience.
  2. Access to a broader range of skills and resources: Outsourcing testing allows you to access a wider range of skills and resources than you would have in-house. Specialized testing companies like ACTIYON have a diverse team of testers with different backgrounds and skills, which can help ensure a more thorough testing process.
  3. Faster time to market: Outsourcing testing can help speed up the development process and get your software to market more quickly. Crowdtesting platforms like ACTIYON can provide faster and more efficient testing services, allowing you to identify and correct any issues and get your software to market faster.